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Deer Creek Fire agate

is well known for it's high quality

fire agate gemstones

and excellent lapidary rough. The fire agate from Deer Creek Arizona ranks high on the list of desired collected gemstones, mineral specimens, and lapidary gemstone cutting material. Located in the eastern foothills of the Galiuro Mountains southwest of Safford, Arizona, this area has several active fire agate mines. Some of the early pioneers in fire agate mining at Deer Creek were Larry Gray, Howard Imboden, Guy Paul and Cliff Willis.

Other notable former

fire agate miners

include Warren Hughes, Don Van Dusen, Gene Columbo and Leon Dee Hughes. Leon Hughes made a publication called 'Prospecting For And Instructions On How To Finish Fire Agate Gems', which we proudly host since Leon's passing with permission from his estate. This interesting book contains a great wealth of fire agate related information including fire agate carving tips.

Current day mining activities are performed by Dave Penney (see 'Fire Agate Mining Adventure at Deer Creek' listed below), Maricopa Mining, and Leonard Witkowski. Please note that much of the land at Deer Creek consists of Federal Mining Claims, Arizona State Trust Lands, Private Ranch Land, or are under Arizona State Mineral Lease or Permit. These lands are closed to ANY type of unauthorized mineral and rock collection. Please respect the land rights of private property owners and mining claims holders at all times, as well as respecting all of our public lands for current and future generations.

Deer Creek Fire Agate Gemstones For Sale

Photo Fire Agate Cabochon 7.8 Carats 22x10x3mm Deer Creek Arizona Gemstone DCG031
7.8 Carats 22 x 10 x 3 mm
Deer Creek Arizona Gem $350.00
Photo Fire Agate Cabochon 12.7 Carats 20x16x4mm Deer Creek Arizona Gemstone DCG028
12.7 Carats 20 x 16 x 4 mm
Deer Creek Arizona Gem $250.00
Photo Fire Agate Cabochon Gemstone Carving 65.2ct Deer Creek Arizona Gem DCC001
Large Fire Agate Carving
65.2ct Deer Creek Arizona Gem $95.00
Photo Fire Agate Chalcedony Quartz Crystal Carving 131.2ct Deer Creek Arizona Gem DCC002
Large Fire Agate Carving
131.2ct Deer Creek AZ Gem $74.95
Photo Fire Agate Rough Gemstone 10.3g Mineral Specimen Deer Creek Arizona DCM020
10.3g Fire Agate Mineral Specimen
Deer Creek Arizona Gemstone SOLD
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